Microsoft Proves its Hip to be Square

Love it or hate it, Microsoft did something monumental with Metro: it managed to change an entire internal culture to embrace a user-centered design standard. Nothing Microsoft did is particularly groundbreaking, but in a world saturated with Apple-esque design and Google minimalism, they managed to emerge with a brand (and interface) uniquely their own. The … Continue reading

Lee Allen on the New UX Skills

Lee Allen on The New UX Skills

Designers and other UX types are self-reflective sorts. We spend lots of time—perhaps too much time—talking about what design is, how we do it, and what tools we use. But perhaps its time to stop obsessing over deliverables and focus on the skill sets–and more importantly–the role of UX for better web: Lee Allen on … Continue reading

how i spent my valentines…

On this commercially hyped holiday, I experienced a pleasantly un-hyped day. Surprisingly, there were no fires to be put out at work and having fallen uncharacteristically behind last week, I buzzed right through my to-do list and closed out the day satisfactorily ahead of schedule. I left the office while it was still daylight and … Continue reading