another blog?

I am simply a student–dedicated to the learning the craft of web. This blog is not for the big-brained people who “engineer” computers or those who “architect” information systems. This isn’t for those who balance their checkbooks using math in octal or who give their servers little pet names like “Maximus” or “WPOR .”  This blog is for the English major who finds themselves inadvertantly immersed in the world of web or the liberal arts student who needs to cultivate a difinative skill set on a road to career reinvention. It’s  for those mired in the muck of web production but want to see a piece of the bigger picture.

But ultimately, this blog is for me. I am a communications major who stumbled upon a world the world of interactive design, CSS, usability and SEO. I surrounded by a bunch of really smart web enthusiasts who have done a lot and seen even more. I claim no expertise–just an intense desire to live and learn and be be better at what I do. I am building my knowledge from the ground up, so in narcissistic fashion, I thought I’d share as I go. So for those without the fancy degrees or pet-named servers– for those who just need to know the “why” behind the workings or who want to find the “edge” of web knowledge and keep it–this blog is for you.


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