the web and the recession

I am apart of an in-house web team who despite our most heroic efforts to service our organization, we feel misused and abused. Like a child caught in the middle of feuding parents, we are tugged in every direction an are often dictated task after task without any input or pause to ask what we think. We continue to churn out project after project with little foresight or planning allowed.  One by one, our web warriors have fallen–victims of power plays or just plain exhaustion. Apparently, we aren’t alone.

But every organization has experienced cutbacks and departmental downsizing–just look at the inflated umemployment statistics as proof.

So how does an organization manage their web team in the midst of a recession?

Right before our latest casualty of war limped off into the sunset, we as a team pulled together to craft a web team manifesto. This 17 page document went beyond recounting of the litany of abuses inflicted upon the department– it focused on the implementing a strategic direction and structure that would best suit the organization as a whole.  Several points were raised and reccomendations were given, some of which are bulleted below:

  • The need for web governance and web owner authority
  • The need for departmental autonomy
  • Clearly defined roles  and responsibilities 
  • More efficient, documented processes

Given the time restraints we faced (10 days) and the skeletal staff we currently employ (a grand total of 6.8…the .8 is a contractor who i might add, is quite talented), we did a darn good job. But we’re a bunch of web-enthusiast nerds who sit around and joke about dating JW video players (don’t ask) and get excited about spikes in our google analytics.  The more I mulled it over, I realized we didn’t really address the elephant in the room–the recession. So for all the businessmen or business-minded webbies who live and die by ROI, here’s yet another reason you should invest in web:

Managing the Web in a Recession

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