how i spent my valentines…

On this commercially hyped holiday, I experienced a pleasantly un-hyped day. Surprisingly, there were no fires to be put out at work and having fallen uncharacteristically behind last week, I buzzed right through my to-do list and closed out the day satisfactorily ahead of schedule. I left the office while it was still daylight and spent the rest of the evening day pawing through a bag of burnt popcorn and browsing a .net magazine while designing this on the fly:

It’s a mercifully better replacement for this.

The design is clean and very “apple-esque” which was also out of necessity because I was under strict orders to style it old-school with straight (x)HTML (depreciated font tags and Netscape-era tables). We should be slapped on the wrist for even suggesting such user-unfriendly blasphemy. While it can be done, I’ll fight “innocently question” this decision tomorrow.

But special thanks to my mother for the package she mailed for this very specific holiday to remind me that indeed I am loved…(and especially for the inclusion of socks, of which I was beginning to run dangerously low). And to Jimmy Eat World for providing the soundtrack for the design.

I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed myself today. Who needs roses and chocolate?

One Response to “how i spent my valentines…”
  1. Kari says:

    (saw this linked to on Facebook) I love that design!! But….tables?! What are they thinking?

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