About Me

so who are you?

Name: kendra doss (aka: the asian sensation)

Hobbies: I love good web. I spend countless hours sitting in front of the computer designing, building or surfing sites. If I’m not surfing or sleeping, you might find me searching out the best thai food in the city or passionately following my hometown heroes, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Are you more than just a one-trick pony?

If I’m not dabbling with color palettes or parsing through PNGs, I work as a content editor or moonlight as a technical tester. I rub shoulders with developers and am learning the geeky back-end of web. This knowledge makes me a better front-end architect because I know what’s under the hood and how it drives design. I like to iterate and prototype and test assumptions with against real-world scenarios.

Usability (along with good typography and color theory) holds a special place in my heart. I infuse business strategy and marketing know-how to drive my work– I simply leverage design to focus a site and give it a reason to exist. This whole package approach keeps me on my toes and keeps me creative.

I have no magic formula to how I design, just simple smart processes that produce elegant results. Because I believe that good websites can change people’s lives. And I absolutely love what I do.




So if you’re a fan of good design and websites that work, lets talk.

I’m all ears.

Use the contact method that best suits you.

*or drop me a line by filling out the form below.

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