Lee Allen on The New UX Skills

Lee Allen on the New UX Skills

Designers and other UX types are self-reflective sorts. We spend lots of time—perhaps too much time—talking about what design is, how we do it, and what tools we use. But perhaps its time to stop obsessing over deliverables and focus on the skill sets–and more importantly–the role of UX for better web: Lee Allen on … Continue reading

your content broke my design: the CMS question

It all started innocently enough–we were standing around our cubicles talking amongst ourselves. Being web nerds, the conversation centered not around football scores or the latest ABC late- night reruns, but around web structure, the definition of content and usability. “If we could only have Kristina Halvorson on our team” my co-worker, Mr Skittles pined wistfully, “we would be … Continue reading