Microsoft Proves its Hip to be Square


Love it or hate it, Microsoft did something monumental with Metro: it managed to change an entire internal culture to embrace a user-centered design standard. Nothing Microsoft did is particularly groundbreaking, but in a world saturated with Apple-esque design and Google minimalism, they managed to emerge with a brand (and interface) uniquely their own. The … Continue reading

salvaging your sanity (part 2): letting go

It’s really¬†easy to complain about everything that’s wrong in life and even post about it on your blog, but in the end, I’m really bad at saying no. Perhaps this stems from my deep-seeded desire to please people. Or maybe it’s because I’m a middle child–things like that can profoundly screw with your psychological make-up. … Continue reading

Salvaging your Sanity (Part 1): Saying No

I’ve felt out of sorts all last week. As a designer, I tend to live in my own #FF00FF colored world. Time, research, and ideation have long been my comfort zone as they suit my natural aptitude for vision and intuition. So when these notions are turned upside down and I’m asked to design and … Continue reading