how i spent my valentines…

On this commercially hyped holiday, I experienced a pleasantly un-hyped day. Surprisingly, there were no fires to be put out at work and having fallen uncharacteristically behind last week, I buzzed right through my to-do list and closed out the day satisfactorily ahead of schedule. I left the office while it was still daylight and … Continue reading

salvaging your sanity (part 2): letting go

It’s really easy to complain about everything that’s wrong in life and even post about it on your blog, but in the end, I’m really bad at saying no. Perhaps this stems from my deep-seeded desire to please people. Or maybe it’s because I’m a middle child–things like that can profoundly screw with your psychological make-up. … Continue reading

another blog?

I am simply a student–dedicated to the learning the craft of web. This blog is not for the big-brained people who “engineer” computers or those who “architect” information systems. This isn’t for those who balance their checkbooks using math in octal or who give their servers little pet names like “Maximus” or “WPOR .”  This blog is for the English … Continue reading