Lee Allen on The New UX Skills

Lee Allen on the New UX Skills

Designers and other UX types are self-reflective sorts. We spend lots of time—perhaps too much time—talking about what design is, how we do it, and what tools we use. But perhaps its time to stop obsessing over deliverables and focus on the skill sets–and more importantly–the role of UX for better web: Lee Allen on … Continue reading

build a better website: use a bullet(point)

Intro: The “Build a Better Website” series  is a glimpse into my (almost) real-time attempt to build a better website in just 30 days. I anticipate it’s gonna get messy and it’s not gonna be perfect, but that’s OK. Because you’re not perfect either but I don’t hold that against you. In all fairness, this … Continue reading

Salvaging your Sanity (Part 1): Saying No

I’ve felt out of sorts all last week. As a designer, I tend to live in my own #FF00FF colored world. Time, research, and ideation have long been my comfort zone as they suit my natural aptitude for vision and intuition. So when these notions are turned upside down and I’m asked to design and … Continue reading