RIP Mr. Mock-up: The Grief Life-Cycle of an Iterative Designer

There’s a saying that usability experts are from Mars and graphic designers are from Venus. This clever saying essentially highlights the dichotomy between form and functionality–oftentimes what is aesthetically pleasing is not necessarily wholly user-centric. Typically, graphic designers aren’t required to fully flesh out usability or functionality–they simply lipstick a pig. They are unburdened by … Continue reading

build a better website: use a bullet(point)

Intro: The “Build a Better Website” series ¬†is a glimpse into my (almost) real-time attempt to build a better website in just 30 days. I anticipate it’s gonna get messy and it’s not gonna be perfect, but that’s OK. Because you’re not perfect either but I don’t hold that against you. In all fairness, this … Continue reading

salvaging your sanity (part 2): letting go

It’s really¬†easy to complain about everything that’s wrong in life and even post about it on your blog, but in the end, I’m really bad at saying no. Perhaps this stems from my deep-seeded desire to please people. Or maybe it’s because I’m a middle child–things like that can profoundly screw with your psychological make-up. … Continue reading