Specs + Styleguides

Below are a few specs and styleguides for peek “under the hood” for a few Focus web properties. Eventually, all these sites will be re-done using ministry-enforced standards and templates, but in the meantime, these might shed some light on the inner-workings of Focus web:

Focus Leadership Institute
Millennials are the next generation of Focus on the Family. Their ideas–and their expectations–of ministry are different than their parents and while they expect more, if you can deliver, they wil give more in return. Focus Leadership Institute approached Digital Media and asked asked for our take on how to restructure their website. After a quick heuristic review, I presented the following recommendations:

Download the FLI Report »

Clubhouse/Club Jr
Originally, this was supposed to be a straight web “port” from a legacy CMS onto Sitecore (our existing technology). But being the nit-picky, UX-loving people we are, IT graciously allowed DMS to implement a few “improvements”. While I certainly had to [slaughter] several darlings, this was a much-improved interim solution providing much needed relief for a solo web editor.

Download the Clubhouse/Club Jr Functional Specifications

Focus on the Family and Plugged In Homepages
The purpose of the Focus an the Family and Plugged In homepage facelift was to improve online donations by making layout improvements [aka make the donation button “BIGGER”]. When it comes to money, Digital Media is not shy in expressing how this should be done for web, but neither is anyone else in the ministry. While we weren’t able to incorporate our overall philosophy in either redesign, the design improved the overall aesthetics and satisfied multiple stakeholder requests.

Download the Editor Styleguide for Focus on the Family
Download the Editor Styleguide for PluggedIn
Download the Internal Promotions Styleguide

View old Plugged In homepage 
View old Focus on the Family homepage

All good things must come to an end…and for Boundless, this change couldn’t come at a better time.  This project was completed using Agile and components for enterprise reusability.

Download the Boundless web strategy

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