Boundless is a ministry for young adults to encourages them to intentionally prepare themselves for marriage and family.  I was tapped to deliver a redesigned website that not only resonated with its audience but provided better integration of content. Philosophically the web experience needed to include both young adults and donors who had a passion for preparing the next generation for family. Functionally, users need to easily access content and editors needed an easy CMS that could easily accommodate organizational growth and change.

New taxonomy

First, I used the redesign as an opportunity to reevaluate Boundless’ approach to content strategy, creating surprising vehicles for discovery such as a bold new ask and answer section as well as a feature content header to replace the banal  slideshow popular among other websites.

Integration of Podcast Content

Boundless wanted all their content types (articles, podcasts, Q&A) to be curated together by topic so a user could see the full range of their content offering. But because a single podcast could cover a wide range of topics, it didn’t neatly fit into any particular section. Therefore, the podcast was broken into individual segments and each segment could be tagged appropriately and curated into the appropriate category.

Component Library

Boundless only has one or two part-time web editors at any given time, therefore it was very important the CMS be easy to use and flexible. With this in mind, we built a custom library of drag-and-drop components with global and channel-specific settings. I defined component usability and outlined all use cases during implementation.

Visit the Website »

↓ Download the web strategy


  • User Experience
  • Information Architecture
  • Graphic Design
  • Design System and Styleguide
  • Research Content Strategy

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