Focus on the Family recognizes that all families are unique and no family is perfect therefore it is committed to helping families whether it be life-challenging traumas or everyday realities.  In 2009 alone, Focus provided over 60,000 complimentary phone counseling sessions and referrals. While personal connection is at the heart of what the ministry does, oftentimes constituents need answers at very specific moments and an 8am-6pm phone line was not where they turned when looking for help.

Focus needed to update its FAQs to be more on brand while also examining its navigational structure to improve users self-service rates and enhance their overall Focus online experience. To reduce navigational redundancy, ambiguous subtopics were eliminated and two often-searched high-level topics were added: ‘About Focus’ and ‘Technical Help.’ Topical search functionality was added along with right-side widget boxes that highlighted relevant FAQs and made help-centric tools easily accessible.

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Responsibilities: information architecture, graphic design, brand integration, CSS editing, technical testing

*The prototype is currently undergoing HTML revisions. Some of the design may not display correctly, therefore final designs are attached below.

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